Sit Down With Scarlett: 5.21.18

Since it is my first official day of summer break (WOO!) I figured I should catch you guys up on what’s been going on in my life the past few months.

First off, how cute is this sign at a new acai bowl shop that just opened in Grand Rapids?! A friend and I got bowls together to celebrate being done with finals and they were so good! 

Anyways, I just wrapped up probably the most chill semester of college so far. Part of it was an easy class load of mostly core classes I had to finish, but also I think I just know what works for me now for school and do not get easily stressed over assignments or tests anymore. Though check back in when I am going crazy next year in grad school and I am sure it will be a different story 😉

I also finished my last semester of observing in the clinic which is crazy! Next fall I get my own 3 clients and while I am so excited I also feel like I cannot possibly know enough to have my own! Of course, that is why I have a supervisor who will be able to help me along the way.

I mentioned in this post that I have been trying to teach myself Italian using Duolingo. I am 35% fluent according to the app now so that’s been fun! While I would not say I am able to understand that much yet, it was interesting that while I was reading Beautiful Ruins this month I was able to understand a few words from some of the Italian dialogue in it!

As you are reading this, I am heading on a girls trip to Nashville! I have never been, but one of my best friends studied there last fall and is planning on moving there once she graduates. Since she loves it so much and since I have only heard good things, we decided we needed to spend a few days there! The main problem was that I work every weekday and she works every weekend, so we had to squeeze it in this first week before I start nannying every day!

This summer I am nannying again, but for 3 different families! I love the variety of nannying for multiple families because then I don’t have to spend all week with the same few kids, if that make sense? I am nannying for the same sweet twin 4 year old boys that I watched last summer for 2 days, another family with 9 year old twin girls for 2 days, and then a family that has 5 kids (that I have been babysitting for since I was 15!) for another afternoon and then one evening a week. So while it is going to be more than I originally anticipated, it is still very doable and I think it will be a great set up! Plus let’s be honest, grad school is expensive and I probably won’t have a job during the year next year so might as well work as much as possible this summer!

Since this is my last summer ever (so sad) I am determined to relax and just make it a great summer overall! I also am planning on tackling the “post a blog post every day for a month” goal off my 101 in 1001 list this July (or potentially August depending on how things shake out), so that will be a fun challenge! If you have any post requests, please leave them in the comments because it is surprisingly hard to come up with 30 posts for 1 month when I usually only post 4-5 per month!

xo, Scarlett