May 2018 Bullet Journal Spread

For this month’s layout, I tried to add in lots of greenery since I am hoping the warm weather is finally here to stay and plants will start blooming soon! It was cold and snowy in Michigan for most of April, so I am really looking forward to it finally staying warm and I am so ready for summer!

For the cover page, I clearly drew inspiration from JT. My friends and I inevitably always send each other the meme multiple times as May is coming closer, so I just had to add it in somewhere to my layout. I actually saw something similar on Pinterest where I got the idea, but I loved adding my own border around it!

Then for my gratitude page I kept the vines theme going and added a little quote about gratitude. Really simple, but I like to leave plenty of space to write everything I am grateful for! By the end of the month my gratitude page is always almost full!

My next page is my habits and goals page. As usual, I don’t have my goals written out yet since I usually wait until the first day of the month to do that. But I do have the habits I want to keep up written out, and I hope to keep them up even as I transition into summer break.

Finally I have my spending log! I just kept it simple by adding a few more vines to the top, but I really like the minimal look of it. 

Are you as excited for May and summer as I am?! Let me know in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett