5 Interesting TED Talks

This semester I have been working hard to cut out a lot of unimportant things and add in beneficial things instead. Recently I have been trying to listen to a few TED Talks every week either while I am getting ready or cleaning or something!

I love TED Talks because they are usually between 10-20 minutes, so I don’t have time to become bored or disinterested. I also love the wide variety of topics. I can find something that I already know a bit about and expand that knowledge, or I can find something I know nothing about and learn a little about it!

An Aphasiologist Has A Stroke 
This was very interesting to me because I have learned about aphasia in many classes and I even have a client with aphasia this semester!

Does Money Make You Mean? 
This talk was so interesting because it shared how people act when they feel wealthy and research that has been done about this.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?
I’ve always thought that school has taken away a lot of my creativity. And even now when I am on breaks from school I usually feel more inspired to create! So this talk presented some great points and really interested me.

The Real Reason I Traveled to 196 Countries
I enjoy traveling and hearing stories from others who have traveled, so this was a really interesting talk to listen to! I also think that Cassie did a great job speaking and her thoughts were all presented clearly.

The Birth of a Word
Another great one for anyone studying language! Deb Roy taped every moment of his son developing language in his house, and it is so interesting to see how his barely intelligible words turned into a real word.

What is one TED talk that you would recommend? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett