March Bullet Journal Spread

Who else is excited that it is already almost March?! Luckily it is warming up a little bit in Michigan (aka not snowy and 20 every day!) so I am excited for March to finally be here! I tried to bring a little green and life into this month’s spread, because hopefully by the end of the month plants will be starting to bloom again! 

If you have seen any of my other bullet journal posts, you will know the layout I tend to keep. 4 pages works great for me for each month because it it gives me a cover page, a gratitude page, a goals and habits page, and an expenses page.


As you can see, this month’s spread is fairly simple and not too intricate since I am busy in school and didn’t have a ton of free time to be creative with. The best part of bullet journal is how customizable they are though. Some months you can make your layouts really detailed and pretty, and other months you can keep it simple and functional. As you can tell, I tend to go in the middle with functional, but still a few cute details.

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xo, Scarlett