How To Grow Closer To God In College

College can be such a busy time, and it is so easy to let some things slide, including friendships. But today I want to share some of my favorite tips so you don’t end up letting your most important relationship slide! Spending time with God is important no matter what stage you are in, but especially with all the ups and downs that college brings it is crucial to keep God as the center of your life.

1. Prioritize quiet time- 

My freshman year I did a horrible job at this, and didn’t leave any time in my day for God or reading my Bible. I just said a few prayers as I drifted off to sleep at night, but I knew that wasn’t enough. Sophomore year I made sure to set aside time during my day to spend doing devotionals, praying, and reading my Bible. If I had later classes, I would do it first thing in the morning. On days when I had class early, I did it as soon as I came back from class. By sticking to a fairly consistent schedule, it might it easier to fit in! 

2. Read your Bible-

Sometimes reading your Bible can feel like such a chore, but usually once you get into it you realize it isn’t as boring as you thought it would be. The Old Testament is filled with stories of godly people, and the New Testament has wisdom from Jesus himself. I challenge you to start reading just one chapter of the Bible a day, and seeing where it takes you. I find I can find something interesting or something that applies to my life almost every time, even if I do just read one chapter! 

3. Write down your prayers-

Many people don’t pray regularly because they feel like they don’t really see answers to their prayers. But, is it possible that you are just forgetting some of the things you asked God for? God always answers prayers, but it is on His timeline and according to His will. I got a journal and used it almost every day during sophomore year as my prayer journal, and it is amazing to look back at what I prayed for a year ago that God has since answered. There have been some things I was so anxious about at the time, but looking back I can easily see that God had it all under control. 

4. Pray Regularly-

In addition to writing down your prayers, I challenge you to start praying more regularly. Pray for your friends. Pray for your enemies. Pray for yourself. Pray for the world. Start talking to God more, and soon you will see His work all in your life. 

5. Find a church you love and get at least one friend to go with you- 

My church in Grand Rapids is one that I really enjoy going to, which makes it easier to get up early and go every Sunday. The worship is always good, and the message always challenges me. I also recommend finding a buddy to go to church with. I go with a group of friends every week, and they keep me accountable if I want to skip a week. Sometimes I feel really tired when I wake up, and I consider rolling over and going back to sleep. But then I remember how all of my friends will be going, and somehow I always seem to make it. 

How do you continue to grow your relationship with God while you are busy? Share in the comments below! 

xo, Scarlett