Favorite Podcasts for Every Occasion

When I asked a few weeks ago on a twitter poll, this post came in pretty high on one you guys wanted to see! (Be sure you are following me on Twitter so you can vote on future posts!) But I wasn’t too surprised, because I really enjoy getting new podcast recommendations too. Podcasts are great to listen to during long car rides, while you are cleaning, or basically any time! 

Crime Podcasts-

Now I know there are two types of people who listen to podcasts. People who like crime podcasts (yup, that’s me) and people who hate it. If you hate it, no judgement, but just skip the first five recommendations!

Serial– Of course, most people have heard of this one, and probably even listened to it themselves. This is what got me into the world of podcasts, especially crime/mystery podcasts! I was really bummed when I didn’t like the second season though, but the first season was so good! 

Criminal– I love that these episodes come out regularly, but are only about 20 minutes long. You can make your way through quite a few of them on a road trip! 

Unsolved– one of the reasons why I think I find crime podcasts fascinating is because I love a good mystery. Just beware that this one is titled Unsolved for a reason, but that also gives you more room to speculate for yourself since you never get a real solution! 

Someone Knows Something- So far, there are two seasons of this podcast, and both kept me hooked! I made my way through both reasons while driving back and forth to Michigan this year, so I recommend this one for when you are on a road trip! 

Up and Vanished– I just found this one a few weeks ago, but I instantly became obsessed. This might be my new favorite podcast just because of how intriguing it was. Also, I will not spoil it, but just know that new information does emerge throughout the course of the podcast. This obviously makes it 10 times better and I felt like I truly was following along with the journey. 

Other Podcasts- 

Sounds Good with Brandon Harvey– This is an inspirational podcast where Brandon interviews creative and inspiring individuals. I always leave with new ideas and feeling good after listening! 

The Budget Minded Traveler- When the wanderlust bug bites me, I tend to turn back to this podcast and listen to stories of other people who have traveled around the world. This one is great because you can skip episodes and listen in almost any order too, so find one that sounds interesting to you! 

Pawprint– This is one I recommend to all animal lovers out there! This podcast shares animal rescue stories, and I love hearing about all the lucky animals that have been saved. 

Mystery Show– This podcast only has 6 episodes, but I found them so interesting! The first episode is about a woman who rented a video at a store, and when she went to the store the next day it had vanished. I enjoy that there is still the mystery element to this, but it isn’t anything super creepy or about deadly crimes. 

99% Invisible– This is another pretty popular podcast, but it talks about the design elements of things. It is a great one to listen to if you want to learn something new, since it focuses on the small details that most people miss.
Elise Gets Crafty– If you are creative, you will love this podcast! I find myself turning to it for inspiration whenever I am in a creative rut. The episodes are fairly short too, and I love all the different creatives that are interviewed.

I hope you found a new podcast from this post, and please share your favorite podcast in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett

*image originally from Design Love Fest