August Bullet Journal Layout

Another month, another bullet journal layout! I am going to start sharing more bullet journal posts since every time I share about it on Twitter or Instagram (especially Instagram stories!) I get a great response. So many people seem to be into bullet journaling right now, and I could not be happier about this! It is so great to see other people coming up with their own systems, and I love seeing all the cute designs. 

For August, it was a little difficult to come up with a theme. Often during the school year when I am busy, I don’t even theme my pages and keep everything pretty simple since I don’t have a lot of extra time. For August I knew I wanted a theme, but there aren’t really any holidays in August to theme it after, and it isn’t quite fall yet so I didn’t feel ready to move into fall themes. But then I got inspired from hot air balloons, and just went from there! I love how it turned out, and it is so unique to me and my needs and interests. 

For my cover page, this month I experimented with a small calendar rather than creating one that filled up most of the page. I love it because it still allows me to see the dates if I am planning something, but it isn’t taking up a whole page. I never really wrote in the calendar since I have a separate agenda, so this is the perfect solution for me!

Next I added in a gratitude page. I have these in every monthly spread I do, and I have kept up the habit for over a year now! Sometimes I miss a day or two, but I always go back and fill it in within a few days! Last December I wrote a short post about why I think everything should keep a gratitude journal, so go check that out too!

Next I added my habit tracker. I track 8 habits that I want to be doing every day in mine, and I decided to make it into a hot air balloon shape this month! I usually just do a typical grid, but I think this one will look really neat once it is all filled in! I am also planning on erasing the pencil lines once I fill it in completely, but I am keep them there for now so I know where to fill in each day!

I also added my August goals to this page. August is my last month of summer, so many of my goals are to prepare me for junior year!

Lastly, I added in my spending log. I haven’t done a spending log in a long time, but I want to start tracking what I spend more, and hopefully eliminating unnecessary purchases! I went along with the balloon theme by drawing in clouds and adding a balloon sticker that I had. 

That is all that I am adding in my August spread! Pretty simple, but it covers everything that I want to track. You might have also noticed that I don’t have any weekly pages in my bullet journal. For my busy life as a student and a blogger, I honestly just need more room than a weekly spread would offer, and I really don’t have time during the school year to create pages for every week. I find monthly pages and one-time pages are all I need in my bullet journal. It is unconventional, and I haven’t seen many who don’t include weekly pages either, but this is just another reason why I love how much you can customize your bullet journal. 

To read more about how to start your own bullet journal, read this post that I published last week! In it I share where I bought mine, what my favorite pens are, and the supplies I think you need to begin. 

Do you have a bullet journal? What pages do you include every month? Share in the comments below! 

xo, Scarlett