A Day In My Life As A Nanny- Summer 2017

When I asked on Twitter a few weeks ago if anyone would be interested in seeing a day in my life as a nanny, a lot of people said yes! I love reading Day In My Life posts too, since you get an extra peek into a blogger’s real life! This summer I am nannying for a family with twin 3-year-old boys two days a week. They are the sweetest family ever and I feel so lucky to have found them. Today I am going to share what a typical day looks like for me when I am spending most of my day with the boys! And just a little disclaimer, I am not sharing too many pictures since I want to respect their privacy.

7:40- wake up and eat breakfast

7:50-get dressed and get ready 

8:05- finish packing any snacks or lunch 

8:10- leave my house

8:30- arrive and make sure the boys finish their breakfast

8:45- play outside- the boys love playing outside, which is great for summer! They love their bikes, playing with small tractors, or playing in their pool. 

11:00- go inside and watch an episode of Paw Patrol to cool down. Let me tell you, before this summer I had never seen Paw Patrol before. But it is such a cute little show and I find myself humming the theme song a little too often lol 

11:30- play inside with toys, read books, or do puzzles

1pm- eat lunch 

1:45-2- after lunch I put the boys down for their nap. Usually they are pretty tired by this point so it is usually pretty easy!

2-4:30- right after the boys go to sleep, I finish washing any lunch dishes and straighten up the house a bit. I also usually throw in a load of the boys laundry while they are napping! Then most days I read whatever book I am into until they wake up. Occasionally I work on blog stuff, but usually I just read because I need a break after running around with them all morning! 

featuring the rain boots that one twin always insists on wearing, even when its 95 and sunny out. 

4:30- go back outside and play 

5:30- their parents arrive back home and I head home

6:00- eat dinner

6:30- catch up on any blog emails, schedule tweets, or work on my bullet journal

7:30- go on a walk or bike ride 

8:30- watch some Youtube and write out my to-do list for the following day

9:00- shower

9:30- blog or read my book 

11:00- go to bed

Usually on days that I am nannying, I stay in at night since I am pretty tired from the day! Also my friends end up working a lot of evenings, so I usually don’t have much to do anyways. Honestly nannying is one of the best summer jobs, and I am so glad that I am able to do it. If you would like a day in my life on a day that I am not nannying, I would be happy to share what I do on “off” days too, even though I am often babysitting more or working on the blog! 

Have you ever been a nanny? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett