How To Set 2nd Semester Goals

Phew. We made it through first semester, but now we still have another one before we can make it to summer. But instead of just trying to just survive second semester, I recommend setting some goals for yourself so you can thrive.

1. GPA- the first and most obvious goal is grades. Instead of setting a lofty goal for yourself that will leave you stressed and frustrated, try to push yourself just a little bit harder than last semester. If you had 2 B’s but you want all A’s, try to get yourself down to just one B this semester. You can always push hard and surpass your goal too, but make sure it is achievable with effort!

2. Skipping- I know lots of people have to set a limit to the number of classes they skip. For me and my major, I really can’t skip major related classes or else I get really behind and more stressed out than if I would just have gone to class. But if you are someone who skips often, try to set a goal such as only skipping 3 classes this semester.

3. Sleep- college students are always behind on sleep, but try to set goals that will help you get a bit more sleep this semester. Try to give yourself one or two nights a week that you will go to bed early, or if you are feeling ambitious try to go to bed 30 minutes normal that you normally do every night!

4. Workout- I am definitely guilty of saying I am too busy to workout, or even go on a walk some days. But try to set a goal that you will workout at least twice a week. And if you already do that, try to set a goal that will challenge yourself a bit more too!

5. Friends- It can be all too easy to push friends that you don’t see often aside when you get busy. But this semester set goals to at least Skype friends who live far away once a month, or set up at least one coffee date a week to catch up with friends who go to the same school as you!

Just remember to set specific goals, and not just tell yourself to study harder or work out more. Why not make this semester the best one of your college career so far?! Let’s stop putting off goals and dreams for “someday” and start working towards them today!

What are your goals for the semester? Leave them in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett