6 Dorm Room Food Essentials

I have talked about this before, but at the school I go to most people spend freshman and sophomore years in the dorms. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with this, since it is a great way to meet new people and create great relationships with those living without you. On the flip side, I am getting extremely tired of the dining hall, and I am SO EXCITED that I only have one more semester of eating there. In honor of this, I wanted to share 6 of my staples that I now try to keep in my dorm room at all times. They are perfect if I have to skip a meal, or if a meal just was not good and I am hungry an hour later.

OATMEAL– I prefer instant oatmeal that I can just pop in the microwave for a minute each morning, but even with that there are so many different kinds to choose from! Also, TJ Maxx has the cutest microwave bowls right now that are the perfect size for oatmeal or soup. I highly recommend investing in a cute bowl or two that you can microwave to keep in your dorm room.

GRANOLA BARS- there are SO many bars out there, so it is fun to try new flavors and brands.

YOGURT-  this is another item that has so many different flavors! Just make sure to eat if before it expires!

FRESH FRUIT- clementines and apples are my faves, but any fruit will work! Fun Fact: I like almost any fruit but I HATE bananas. And ironically, my roommate loves them and eats at least one a day. So if you were to talk to her, she would recommend keeping a banana (and peanut butter to put on it) in the room at all times!

TRAIL MIX– the combination of salty sweet hits the spot many nights!

EASY MAC- I never claimed this was a healthy list, but honestly this is such a lifesaver if dinner wasn’t good! It is so quick and easy to add water and pop in the microwave.

What food do you always keep in your dorm? Share in the comments below!
xo, Scarlett