My Favorite Vloggers

Recently when I am cleaning, painting my nails, or even blogging I like to have a vlog on in the background. I have found a few favorites, and I wanted to share those favorites today! There are so many Youtubers out there, so it can be hard to find ones that you actually enjoy. I hope this list helps you find new ones to enjoy!

Monica Church-
I used to watch Monica and her twin Shelby years ago, but then I didn’t find their content interesting enough and  stopped subscribing. Recently I found Monica started vlogging, and I love the style of her vlogs! They are not too long, which is good because I don’t have time to watch long vlogs often. I also love the great quality of her filming and the documentary type style her videos have.

Hailey and Brad Devine- 
The Devines do more than vlog, but they usually vlog or make a travel diary of their trips. Their videos are always amazing, and they have the cutest little family.

Danielle Marie- 
Danielle isn’t a traditional vlogger, but she makes Week in My Life videos that are interesting! I don’t watch all of her normal videos, but I love watching her adventures in her vlog style videos.

Madison Pritt-
I recently found her and binged watched all 20 of her vlogs in 2 or 3 days. She went to Thailand with the Devines, and that is how I found her. She is still fairly small on Youtube, but she makes good quality videos and has great potential to grow on Youtube!

Noah Herrin-
I honestly can’t remember how I stumbled upon his videos, but he travels around a lot which makes for interesting videos. He also doesn’t upload long videos, which is great!

Casey Neistat-
Of  course I had to add Casey in here. I am pretty sure anyone who watches Youtube has seen at least one of his videos. I don’t watch him everyday, but if I need inspiration or extra things to watch I will watch his vlogs.

Sam and Jenn are the only daily bloggers that I actually watch every day. I look forward to their videos because their family is so cute and I find their vlogs funny too.

Who are your favorite Youtubers? Please share in the comments because I love watching new ones when I have spare time!
xo, Scarlett