6 Backpack Must-Haves

After almost a full year at college, I have discovered a few things that I keep in my backpack all the time in addition to my normal books and pencil bag. If you are going to college soon, I recommend keeping these things in mind to keep yourself happier throughout the day.

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  • headphones- you never know when you will have a break and want to watch something on your phone or listen to music. And please don’t be one of those annoying people who walks around playing music out loud. 
  • snack- if you have multiple classes in a row, it comes in handy to keep a granola bar or trail mix in your backpack. Nothing is worse than sitting in a silent class and having your stomach growl loudly!
  • gum- it can come in handy to have gum if you like to mindlessly chew things, or to pop in after lunch before an afternoon class. 
  • water- I never brought water to class in high school, but now I am questioning how I ever survived. I now bring water with me everywhere and it helps me stay hydrated throughout the day. 
  • chargers- if you bring your laptop to class with you, make sure you bring the charger! Also, if you see that your phone is low on battery before you leave, throw in your phone charger as well.
  • bandaid- this is a more random one, but you never know when a blister or a paper cut will occur. 

What do you always keep in your backpack? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett