Weekly Recap: January 18-22

This past week I was able to pack in quite a few fun things, so I decided to share a little bit about it in a weekly recap post. I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ recap posts, and I enjoy looking back at recaps I have done in the past.

Just a quick preface, for the month of January I was able to take a photography class every morning that is about 2 1/2 hours long. It has been really interesting, and I am so glad I was able to get into it. The irony of this class is that I have been learning so much about photography and taking pictures for class, that I have forgotten to take pictures of some things I have done outside of class! Here is one of the pictures I did for a project this past week. We had to take a picture of an Instagram printout, and here is how one of mine turned out!

On Monday morning my class went on a little excursion downtown to see a photography exhibit and hear a bit more from the photographer in person. It was definitely nice to get out of class, and it was interesting to hear about how he created the images.


During January my school offers some fitness classes for free, so on Monday I tried out yoga with my roommate and a few other girls on my floor. It was actually a good workout and I was sore for the next day or two from it!

On Tuesday two girls from my floor left for a semester abroad in England! It was really sad to have to say goodbye, but we had one last farewell breakfast together before class. I am not a fan of getting up early, but I was willing to do it for friends and food 😉

Then I was able to see the Earth Harp in person, which was a very cool experience. William Close was on America’s Got Talent a few years back, and I can remember the Earth Harp from there. I definitely recommend seeing it in person if you ever get the chance!

On Tuesday night I went to a Zumba class with a group of girls from my floor. I have found that I really enjoy Zumba, especially when I am able to do it with friends!

On Wednesday I had a pretty normal day with class in the morning, and then I went to the gym with a friend in the afternoon because we were bored. While we were there we decided that night we would go get froyo (lol that’s what really happens when I go to the gym…). She took me to a placed called The Pumphouse, which ended up being the cutest little froyo shop. Not to mention it was delicious and they have over 100 toppings! I am definitely going to be heading back there next time I want froyo, and I recommend you do the same if you live near one.


On Thursday I went to a fitness class called WERQ. I had never heard of it before, and I bet many of you haven’t either, so here is a description:

“WERQ is the fiercely fun dance fitness class based on pop, rock, and hip hop music. The warm up previews the dance steps in class and the cool down combines yoga-inspired static stretching and balance poses. WERQ is taught by Certified Fitness Professionals, so the WERQout is safe and effective.”

I have to say by about halfway through I realized it wasn’t really a workout, and I was pretty much ready to leave. I didn’t find it very fun, and it was also a bit confusing at times. I will definitely stick to Zumba in the future if I want to do a dance related fitness class. 

Friday morning I woke up early (again) to go out to breakfast with my orientation group from the beginning of first semester. It was interesting to get back together with everyone and see how everyone has changed in just one semester. It was my first time trying The Omelette Shop, and while it did have a cute vibe, the food was just okay in my opinion. Even after almost 5 months, I have yet to try a breakfast place in GR that I really like! 

Friday night I ended up volunteering at an event for girls with special needs, and then my friend and  I went on an adventure to find some pizza since she didn’t have time to grab dinner before the event. It is always fun just to chat over food! 

I also have had the time to read quite a few books since coming back from Christmas break, but that will be in a separate post soon! Going along with that, I have rediscovered my stash of tea that I brought at the beginning of the year, and I have been drinking quite a bit of it recently to try to fight off the cold. 

What have you been up to recently? Share in the comments!
xo, Scarlett