Why I Cut My Twitter Followings In Half

Today I am sharing why I decided to unfollow hundreds of people on my blog Twitter account. And I am going to let you in on a little secret… I actually GAINED followers because of it.

One day in June I had a little extra time on my hands, so I decided to go through my Twitter followings. I go through who I follow on different social media about once or twice a year because otherwise it gets too cluttered because I follow new people often.

First off let me share who I decided to cut:

-if they hadn’t posted in the last month, I would unfollow unless I absolutely loved them
-if they were tweeting mainly negative tweets
-if I always just skipped over their tweets in my feed
-if they weren’t tweeting anything positive or helpful

Whenever I clean out who I follow I do feel a little guilty initially because I know how much followers can matter to some people. But then I remember that I would rather have 100 loyal followers than 1,000 followers who could care less what I shared. I also always felt bad if the person was following me back, but then I also remembered I follow quite a few people that don’t follow me back and that is ok!

Did I lose followers from it? I did lose about 5 followers within a day or two… I am assuming at least one or two of those were from people who were just following me because I followed them so once I unfollowed them they unfollowed me. I really don’t know for sure why any of them unfollowed though. It could have just been those 5 were clearing out their followings as well!

My feed is so much more fun to go through now. I can see when my blogger friends tweet and I find myself being more interactive now that my feed is filled with people I truly do like hearing from.

Since I have been favoriting, retweeting, and replying to more tweets, I have noticed that my number of followers has actually INCREASED. When people see you are engaged they are way more likely to follow, and if you reply to a tweet someone can also find you from that!