Favorite Blogs To Read

Today I wanted to share which blogs I have been returning to the most recently. I go through phases where I love a blog and then either the blogger stops posting as much or I get bored and move onto new people. So I wanted to share the current favorites before it changes even more!

Gal Meets Glam- Cute outfits in fun locations with great photography. Honestly what is not to love?! I do enjoy outfit posts, but some bloggers can get boring and repetitive with drab outfits in drab locations. I never feel that way with Julia though!

Your Typical Prep– This has been more of a recent find for me, but Caitlin has such cute outfits and she is around my age with makes it easier to relate.

Emily Henderson- It’s no secret that I have been loving reading home design blogs recently. Emily’s is by far my favorite!

College Prepster– Carly has been a longtime favorite because of her variety of posts. I love that she also is consistent in posting great content!

Prep in Your Step– Since Dorothy is also around my age I find it easy to relate and her college posts are very helpful! She also makes Youtube videos which are so fun to watch!

Which blogs have been your favorite recently? Let me know in the comments because I love finding new favorites!
xo, Scarlett