DIY Bobby Pin Holder


A few years ago I did a post about making a bobby pin holder out of a tic tac container. It was actually really popular, but let’s be honest my pictures and such back then were not good. So when I lost that one at graduation, I decided I would make a new one and share how since it is so easy yet works so well. 

 All you need is a a tic tac container and a piece of paper that you like the pattern of. I am actually using the back of a card I was sent because I just like the navy stripes!

 I recommend peeling off the label since it isn’t difficult, but you can cover up all of it so it doesn’t really matter in the end.

Lastly, cut the paper to fit your container and attach using scrapbook squares on the back. If you don’t have these you could just use tape, and in the end I did add a piece of tape on the outside to secure it even more. 

Now you will rarely lose any bobby pins… unless you lose the whole container like I did but that’s a whole different story. 

Have a great Sunday! 

xo, Scarlett