Road Trip Essentials

Today I am sharing some of my essentials that I take on every road trip whether it is just an hour away or eight hours away like my recent trip to Minneapolis. There are just some things that make your trip 10 times smoother if you have them.


-hand sanitizer-




-lip balm-

-hair tie-





Many of these are self explanatory, but I also wanted to share a bit more. For my Kindle I always make sure it to have it stocked with 3-4 books and fully charged because you never know how much you will end up reading! I read 1 1/2 books on my last trip and that probably ended up being around 10 hours of reading, if not more. I also bring a notepad to write down and ideas I get. It is amazing the ideas I get while just looking out a car window and listening to music! 

I recommend using a large tote bag to carry all of this. This one from The Lahi is one of my go-to bags since it is huge and it has pockets to make organizing easy! The one I have is currently out of stock, but they have lots of other great patterns including this Red Velvet one.

I also recommend bringing bottles of water as well as a hoodie/blanket in case you get cold during the ride. I also will bring a pillow with me on long rides to make it more comfortable!

What are things you have to take on a road trip? Share in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett