Minneapolis Recap

 Today I am sharing a quick recap from my trip to Minneapolis last week! We only spent 1 day in the actual city, so unfortunately I didn’t get a ton of pictures since I spent most of my time indoors shopping… #sorrynotsorry 

Here is the one picture I captured from downtown Minneapolis. As you can see, it was on snapchat though! Am I the only one who loves going to new places and being able to use the new filters?!

The only reason we actually went into the city was to see the Cardinals play the Twins. The game wasn’t too exciting except for a few good plays but in the end the Cardinals did lose. And this stadium did not have snow cones ANYWHERE. So disappointing! 

We spent all day Wednesday and half a day Friday shopping at the Mall of America. It was neat to go to, but I honestly am not sure if I will ever go back because shopping in and near Chicago is a lot closer to me and they have about the same stores.

I did really love this big Forever 21 sign in the store though! And let me tell you a 2 story Forever 21 sounds cool and all until you actually go in and see how unorganized it is. It would take forever (hehe) to go through everything in the store and find everything I liked! 

We don’t have a Marshalls where I live, but I have always found good stuff at them when I have visited in the past. So imagine my delight when I saw one in the MOA! I tried one these four tops and ended up taking home the white one on the left. I had been looking for a white tank top with delicate detailing for a long time, and this one ended up being the winner for about $20!

Who can resist the stationery section in Marshalls/ TJ Maxx? Not this girl. But I did manage not to buy anything this trip which was a miracle! I will be stopping by my local TJ Maxx before I go off to college in the fall to stock up on cute note cards to send to my high school friends.

Lastly here are a few of the things I did manage to find and try on in Forever 21. Unfortunately none of them fit right! The two blue ones were rompers but we all know how tricky it can be to find a romper that fits well. 

That’s all for this trip! It was short but I got some great deals while shopping and I got to visit two new states! I had never been to Minnesota and we went through Iowa on the way back home! 

Where are you planning on traveling to next? What is your dream vacation spot? Share in the comments I would love to hear! 

xo, Scarlett