Monday Mash-up {5.18.15}

I’m officially on summer break now! Last Friday was my last day since I didn’t have to take any finals, so now I just have to wait until graduation this weekend! I am so excited it is summer and I can now start blogging more.

Drifting Away | Gray Malin | The Fifth Watches // Minimal meets classic design: 

This Gray Malin print makes me so ready for summer! 

love this desk decor 

I love this desk and the pineapple print! 


31 things you didn’t know about J. Crew. Personally my favorite was the back story on this taxi storefront!


Loving this home tour!

While I'd love to spend all my time on my blog, it's just not possible, so I need to learn how to be blogging faster. This is the secret to making it work. 

This was an interesting read that I recommend other bloggers take a look at as well! 

Have a great week!

xo, Scarlett