How To Organize Your Summer Projects

When you are in school all year, it is nice to use the summer to catch up on projects you need to accomplish. I have quite a few things I want to accomplish this summer such as cleaning out my closet and organizing my desk. Rather than having it just written out on a piece of paper, I decided to make a fun system for this summer!

First find two different colors of post it notes. I used blue for smaller projects that should take under an hour, and pink for longer projects. If you have an even wider variety of projects you could use more than two colors! 

 Once you have written out your projects, fold them so the sticky part is on the inside holding the sides together.

Lastly, stick them in a container and pick one out every time you have a little time to accomplish something! 

How do you accomplish projects? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett