Monday Mash-up {5.04.15}

Today is my second to last Monday of high school… which means I am incredibly busy trying to wrap everything up! I cannot wait for summer to come so at least I won’t have to worry about homework and studying every day. I’ll still be busy between traveling, blogging, working, and friends, but it will all be stuff I enjoy (for the most part).

Pretty art and table styling 

I love how this table is styled, and the shoe artwork above it is darling! 

These past few weeks I have been reading quite a few books even though I have been busy with school. I have actually barely watched any TV and instead spent that time reading. I used to come home from school and relax by watching an hour of TV or so. Now I go for a bikeride or walk and then I read for 30 minutes or so. On Friday I actually ended up reading for 3 1/2 hours after school… #sorrynotsorry. I am planning on doing a separate post about recent favorites, but I wanted to also share a post I found on Pinterest with 20 good reads for 2015. I have only read one off of here, but I am planning on diving into more this summer. 

Books for Moms- 20 Hot New Books to Read in 2015 

 Pleated Pink Maxi & Denim Jacket 

 A bright dress and a denim jacket are two summer essentials!


House goals


Apparently Starbucks got s’mores frappuccinos too… so I need to stop by ASAP to try one! You guys know I love basically anything s’mores flavored… poptarts, shakes, and the s’mores blizzards from DQ are the bomb! 

That’s all for this weeks mash-up! Comment below and let me know if you have tried the s’mores frappuccino or read any of the books in that list!

xo, Scarlett