How To Start The New Year Organized


January is the perfect time to organize your life. Today I am sharing a few different ways that you can start the year off organized! 


1. Delete old pictures
2. Delete old emails and file important ones
3. Delete any apps you no longer use
4. Delete songs you don’t like
5. Unfollow people you don’t find inspiring on social media
6. Go through your pictures on social media and make sure all of them reflect you and don’t imply bad things.

In Your Home

1. Clean out your closet
2. Organize your purse
3. Throw away old school and work papers
4. Toss gloppy nail polishes
5. Toss dried up pens
6. Toss expired items
7. Go through old magazines and get rid of any you no longer need

My #1 Tip:

Get a planner! 

Find a calendar or planner that actually works for you and keep everything organized in it. See how I organize mine here!

Everything I shared is stuff I have been working on, or stuff I will do in the coming weeks. I love starting the new year off organized… are you the same way? 

xo, Scarlett