Monday Mash-up {12.15.14}

This week is finals week so if I randomly go missing for a few days, you know why. I hate when I don’t have much time to blog, but I know that once Friday comes (specifically at 9:50 am!) I will be so happy and I will have plenty of time to blog over break. I literally have pages of post ideas and things to do for my blog, so I can’t wait to begin to get them done and bring fun posts to the blog in 2015!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who has entered one or more of my giveaways for my #6daysofgiveaways! Most of you really seemed to like it, and I am really happy by the responses I have gotten. But don’t worry if you haven’t entered yet, because there are a few that are still running!

Win this statement necklace!


Win a $25 gift card to The Hidden Trunk! 


Win this Black Deary tote from The Lahi! 

I am sure most of you know Gracey, and have seen some of her amazing ‘grams. But did you know you can now purchase some?! Head over to her blog to see how!

Putting Me Together: How to Roll Up Layered Sleeves -- I love how she wears a lot of cardigans with button-downs, and rolls the sleeves. Currently I only have 3/4 sleeve cardigans -- I always hate that they're not long-sleeved, but I know when I do wear long-sleeves, there are times when I want to roll them up! Here's the solution! 

Checkout this tutorial on how to roll up your sleeves when layering! 

Winter red 

I would absolutely love to spend a day here

That’s all for this week’s mash-up… I am off to go study more! Like I said, posts may be a bit sporadic (or nonexistent…) this week depending on how much free time I have, but once next week comes I have more fun posts planned!

Have a great week loves! Good luck to anyone else who is suffering through finals! Ace those tests 😉

xo, Scarlett