Christmas Ornament Nails

This past weekend I finally had time to do a Christmas nail design on my nails, so I decided to do ornaments! Christmas Eve is the perfect day to get your nails all ready for Christmas tomorrow!  I also apologize for not doing very many nail tutorials/ designs in 2014… that is one of my goals for the new year! So stick around if you enjoy nail designs 😉

First choose your nail color. White, silver, gold, or nude are all great choices! Or choose a color that will coordinate with your ornament colors!

Let your base color dry all the way. Then choose a few different colors for ornaments. I chose to just do two, red and green. You can do an ornament on every nail in a different color if you want!

 Now it is time to outline your ornament in black. This instantly makes it look more put together and it covers up the fact that your ornament may not have been perfectly round. Add the little part to hang it from in black, and add a white streak if you choose! I really like how mine turned out, and this is even my left hand which shows how easy it is to do it!

How will you be doing your nails for Christmas? Share in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett