Monday Mash-up

How can it possibly be the middle of November already?! Life has been so crazy this year but hopefully once Thanksgiving Break hits it will start to calm down a tad.

fun twist on a gallery wall 

Even though the weather outside has been a little dreary some days and it will only get worse from here, you can keep your rooms inside nice and bright! I love this gallery wall for example. 

Blanket Scarf -Red - Leopard & Latte 

How cute is this blanket scarf?!

Crystal Hexagon Cuff in Gold 

This cuff is stunning.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 12.17.57 PM

I also love this pink and gold heart card. I am a sucker for cute cards, and I love how you could use this one for so many different things!


When can I have this office?

Have a fabulous week! 

xo, Scarlett