9 Ways To Improve Your Instagram

Today I am going to share how to improve your Instagram. Over the summer I gained 500+ followers by following some of these simple tips, so I wanted to share them to help those who are interested in improving their Instagram! 

1. Like pictures you like– This part is super simple, yet a lot of people don’t do it! If you like a picture, then actually double tap it and like it! When you like pictures, your name is seen more. Many times after I like someone’s picture that I have been following for a long time, they end up following me back because they notice me once I like it! That being said, don’t just go around liking every picture you find because people will realize that isn’t sincere. 

2. Comment if you have something to say– This is similar to liking it, but go a step further if you truly do have a nice comment. If you are thinking “Wow, those shoes look amazing on her” or “That food looks amazing!” then comment and tell the person that! 

3. Use appropriate hashtags– During a recent twitter chat I saw that the best number of hashtags to add is 11. While I think that is too many, put however many you want that apply. It is easier for people to find your pictures when you add a hashtag. Also, you could have a specific hashtag for certain pictures. An example is I add #thetrendycat to any pictures I post of my cats! I also heard someone say they add a hashtag that has to do with their blog and NYC for all their NYC pictures so people can easily browse through those specific ones!

4. Search hashtags– After I post a picture that includes a hashtag (or 5…) I will go through that hashtag and like a few pictures that grab my eye. I don’t know if this actually does anything for me, but I personally just like browsing through other pictures so I do it anyways!

5. Post good quality pictures– When I decided to improve my Instagram I began to post better quality pictures. ALWAYS have good lighting or else the picture will not turn out well.

6. Post consistently– This is something I also started doing this summer. My goal is once a day, but if I am doing something fun or traveling I usually will post more. Also, you can space out your Instagrams. I see SO many people post 2-3 in one day and then no more for a whole week. While you should post them while they are relevant, some could’ve been saved for later and you can always add #latergram to let people know that you didn’t take it at the time you posted it!

7. Use a good editing app- It is amazing how much better a picture can look once you edit it! My personal favorite is VSCOcam, but I am trying to use Snapseed more too! Here is an example of how much better a picture can look once it is edited. The first one doesn’t necessarily look bad, but it just dark and not very colorful which makes it unappealing.  

8. Use a white poster board– I keep a white poster board specifically for certain Instagram and blog pictures whereI will need a white background. You can add it on top of any table or just on the floor for the perfect white background!

9. NEVER ask for a follow for follow– I see so many people on Instagram who beg for follows. Just don’t do that. Would you want to follow someone who is begging you to follow them? Probably not. Just work on improving your Instagram and the new followers and likers will come! I promise 🙂 

Do you have any other tips I forgot to mention? Leave them in the comments and let me know if this post helped you! Also, feel free to checkout my Instagram to get more inspiration!

xo, Scarlett