Summer Weekday Morning Routine

I have just a few weeks left of summer, so I wanted to share my weekday routine with you guys! This is my routine for when I don’t have anywhere to be until after lunch, but do keep in mind I have to work at 8 or 9 some mornings so I don’t always do this! I always see Youtubers do these routine videos, so why not share my own version in a post! Also, the nightgown above says that I don’t do mornings, but I am actually a lot better about mornings than some people I know! I can’t sleep until after 10 mainly because I feel like I just wasted my whole day, but also because my body just automatically wakes up by 10 unless I am up super late the night before!


 This is when I usually wake up. Depending on what is going on that day, I might sleep in until a little after 9, or I might get up by 8:30! One key thing that helps me not sleep in too much is making a to do list the night before. That way when I wake up, I can look onto my nightstand and see everything I have to do. Once I see all that, I am too wired to fall back to sleep (usually). When I wake up I usually immediately turn on my t.v. and find something to “watch” while I eat breakfast, check social media, and read new blog posts. 


By this time I like to begin my workout for the day. In the summer I usually go play tennis or ride my bike. Along with that I will follow an in home workout video on Youtube, or just kind of make up my own routine for the morning! 


This is when I begin doing a little light blog work. For some reason I can’t write posts in the morning… maybe because I am used to writing them in the late afternoons/evenings during the school year. So during the morning I will spend a little time on social media and reply to any emails I got overnight. I also use this time to comment on other bloggers posts from that morning. If I have new comments I need to reply to on my own blog I will also do that. 


The lighting in the morning is usually really good for any pictures I want to take for Instagram or for future blog posts. So if I am planning on styling any pictures and shooting them, I try to do it by 11 am! 

By then, it is basically lunch time or time for me to be somewhere, so that is my usual routine! 

I would love to hear your routine in the comments if you have one! 

xo, Scarlett