How I Write My To Do Lists + Giveaway!

Hey guys! Today I am doing a post about how I write my to do lists because it has been requested in the past. As a lot of you know, I am constantly making lists. Blog idea lists, to do lists, bucket lists, etc. Having cute notepads makes writing lists even more fun! 

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I like to make my to do list right before bed the night before. I write down anything I didn’t complete off of the previous day’s list, then I add all the new things I have to do. This helps me relax because I don’t have to worry about remembering everything when I wake up in the morning.

 Everyone has a different method when it comes to the items you have done. Personally I like to cross them out with one or two lines. Some people highlight, but I highlight important things so that doesn’t help me. Other people put checks by them, but I personally just love physically crossing an item off!

When I look at my to do list I can physically see how much I have left to do and what it is. During the school year I will separate school work and other, then usually end up doing the top half or so of each list since I like to write everything that I need to do down, even if it doesn’t need to be done that day. That way I remember to add it to the list again if it doesn’t get done, and nothing is ever forgotten. 

Sometimes if I have very little time, I will write how many minutes I think each task will take. It makes me really happy if I think my list will take my 2 hours, but I get done in less than that so I have extra time to relax! Usually I only use this method when I am really busy during the school year. 

Now onto the fun part, a giveaway! What better way to help you stay organized this school year than adding a fun monogrammed notepad to your desk? Also, if you do not win and want this notepad or any other item from their site, click on the button in my sidebar or click here for 10% off your first purchase from Carolina Clover!

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xo, Scarlett

(P.S. some of you might have noticed that my monogram does not have an S in it for Scarlett. That is because Scarlett is actually my nickname that I also use on my blog!)