Patriotic Nail Tutorial

Today I wanted to share a fun nail tutorial that would be perfect for the 4th of July! It is so easy do to and does not take very much time. All you need is makeup sponges, nail polish remover, and all the colors shown below. 

 Here are the colors I used. Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue is one of my favorite polishes, but apparently they are discontinuing it! So I highly recommend picking it up somewhere if you see it! It doesn’t really matter the exact colors you use though, as long as they are similar! I began by painting a white base so the colors would show up better on top.

Then I dipped the part of the sponge I was going to paint in water. If it soaks up a little water first, it won’t soak up as much nail polish so you end up using less polish and you have more time to work with it. I repainted over the stripes every time I did a new nail, but I used a new part of the sponge every few nails. I actually cut my sponge in half so I would have more surface area to work with. 

Also, when you are finished you have to clean up around the nail with a little nail polish remover to get rid of all the nail polish that isn’t on the nail. I have heard some people place tape around the sides of the nails or put lipbalm on their skin around the nails for easier removal. I have also heard Elmer’s glue works well, but I would rather just clean up a little polish at the end than deal with all of that. 🙂 

Here is another look at the finished design! At the end I added a bit more polish to some nails if they didn’t have enough color of if I missed a spot. Then I added a topcoat to finish it off! I have already gotten so many compliments on them and I can guarantee you will too! 

Do you have any plans for the 4th? What are you planning on wearing? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett

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