Monday Mash-up

 This past week has been really chill for me since a lot of my friends are traveling and will continue to be gone into this week. I have been spending quite a bit of time organizing, reading, and blogging and I have been loving it!


Last week I did go get froyo and go shopping one afternoon with a group of girls that I hadn’t seen in a while. It was great to catch up and I scored some amazing deals! I still have BBW gift cards from the holidays, but I usually save them so I can pick things like this up during the sales. The Forever Sunshine was a gift for a friend, but I have been LOVING the other two so much! You can buy the coconut one here and the citrus one here!

Be Enchanted Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works 

Speaking of Bath and Body Works… how do you feel about their new bottles? They might have had these for a while but I just noticed they changed them recently. I am still a big fan of the old bottles, but I guess I will have to get used to these!


Planning on traveling soon? Checkout this list of Chic Hotels.

gold and blue
I love blue and white dishes, so I was immediately drawn to this picture on Pinterest!

I am considering picking up this gorgeous romper from Forever 21… I just love the print and style!

I mean, how can you say baseball isn’t interesting?! Go Cards! 

I. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. This. Song. The first time I heard it I didn’t like it that much… then I listened again and haven’t stopped since. Literally it’s playing on repeat right now.


Lastly, I want to thank you guys so much for all the sweet comments and great feedback on my posts from last week. I was really happy to be able to share them because I was really proud of all of them! Here are links to all of them in case you missed any!

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Also, I wrote an article for the online magazine Undeniable! The latest issue was recently published, so see if you can spot my article in there!

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xo, Scarlett