Monday Mash-up

I hope you all had a good 4th of July weekend! I started the day on Friday with a 7 mile bikeride with a few friends. Then I played tennis later in the night with another friend. Then I went and watched fireworks on a roof with some other friends! Then I had a sleepover and went to visit my grandma Saturday afternoon!

How cute is this picture?! Loving the colors.


Like I said above, I have been going on tons of bike rides and I have been pretty active lately, so I am trying to add a few more athletic pieces to my closet. These pants are so cute!


This might just be the next DIY I attempt!

Send the brightest thank you note you can with these pink beauties.
Checkout these cute thank you cards!

I am loving this simple desk arrangement. I would add a little pop of color, but otherwise is looks great!

Also, last week I found the cutest bakery. Don’t the cupcakes looks delicious?!

If you watch Youtube like I do, you probably have at least heard of the Shaytards. Well one of their daughters, Avia, just did her own music video!

That’s all for this week’s Monday Mash-up, but check back every day this week for fun posts! Tomorrow I am sharing a fun post that I did with one of my best friends!

xo, Scarlett