{Trendy Talks} McKenna Bleu

Hey guys! Welcome back to the 2nd week of Trendy Talks! This week you are going to learn a little bit more about McKenna from McKenna Bleu! I love reading her blog and I knew that I had to try to interview her for this series. Luckily she agreed, so here are her answers!


1. How did your blog begin? 

started my blog while I was in a hotel room on a Military base. My
husband was being deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months so needless to
say it was a great distraction while he was gone. I never imagined
anyone would look at other than my family. So greatful for what it has
turned into! 

2. How many hours each week do you spend blogging? 

do have a full time job, a very demanding one at that so unfortunately I
can not give my blog all the time and attention and  it deserves. I try
to play catch up on the weekends but most of the time I come straight
home from work and blog. Overall I would say 15-20hrs a week.  

3. As a blogger you are able to collaborate with many different people… which collaboration has been your favorite? 

have been fortunate to work with SO many amazing brands, the one that
really stick out in my mind would have to be Hayden Reis. She won over
my heart with the flamingo tote, I mean come on…amazing!! 

3. What is your favorite brand? 

I would have to say Kate Spade is my favorite brand. Her love for bows, sparkly details and bright colors gets me every time!

4. What 3 words best describe your personal style? 

Bright, feminine & a touch of glam

5. Who is your style icon? Why? 

Style icon in the blogging world is hands down Julia from Gal Meets Glam! She is flawless and can do no wrong in my book! 

6. We have all had at least one…What was your worse fashion mishap? 

goodness, believe it or not I was the worlds biggest tomboy growing up.
I wore basketball jerseys in my school photos and my hair slicked back
in the tightest ponytail! What in the world was I thinking…

7. Is there anything you want to do or
accomplish this summer?

As you may know already,
my biggest passion is to travel! My husband and I were able to travel
to 15 countries last summer. We are hoping to make it back to Europe to
see a few we missed this summer. Fingers crossed it all works out as

8. If you could travel to any place in the world right now where would you go? 

Can everywhere be an answer?! Southeast Asia is top on my list and I 100% have to make it to Fiji or Bora Bora! 

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

10 years I hope to own a house and actually plant roots somewhere.
Be financially stable enough to vacation a tremulous amount over the
winter months and just live in the moment. No expectations but just
enjoy and celebrate each small victory along the way. 


Thank you so much for doing this interview, McKenna! I really enjoyed reading through the answers! Share in the comments what your favorite part of this interview was? Did you learn something new about McKenna? Did she inspire you to go travel? Share below! 

xo, Scarlett