Monday Mash-up!

Hey guys! This past week I was on vacation, so it is back to reality today! I will probably do a few vacation related posts soon, but if you want to see some of what I did, follow me on Instagram since I posted tons of pictures on there and am still posting more!
That being said, I barely had any internet all week and even when I did, I was busy having fun doing other things, so this weeks mash-up isn’t going to be very long! I am sure you guys understand though 🙂

Brother from another mother ;) 

How cute is this picture?! One reason I am loving it is because the kitten reminds me of my cat Kiki.


A great thing to keep in mind. 

Pink Party Table 

Seeing this made me want to go and throw a fun party like this. Definitely going to keep this in mind for Valentine’s Day next year!

Charleston Class 

The perfect summer outfit

French braid bun. Ultimate beach hair. 

The perfect hair for beach days.

That’s all this week loves! Check back tomorrow for another fun post and next week for the next Monday Mash-up!

xo, Scarlett