Just Ask.

This is What You Get in Life 

This is a quote that I have hanging on my wall to help remind me to speak up and not be afraid to ask for things. I wanted to write this quick post to remind you guys that there is no harm in just asking. The worst thing that could happen is someone says no, but then you are no worse off than if you hadn’t asked in the first place! While on vacation, there were a few different times where something happened, but once we spoke up and asked, it got fixed. Today I wanted to share those stories with you! 

When we first got to our condo, we realized that it didn’t have wifi. Between the four of us, we all needed to have wifi for one reason or another, so that was not going to work for a week. So we had to call the company that was in charge and they finally agreed to bring us a wifi hotspot after we kept asking. If the first person doesn’t budge, always try asking for a manager! 

The second story happened when we went to a restaurant. It wasn’t extremely crowded, but they tried to put us in a dark corner table behind a loud party. That obviously would not have been a fun experience, so we asked to be moved to a different table. They looked shocked that we wanted to move, but within 5 minutes we were seated by windows with a pleasant view and next to pleasant people and it turned into a good experience! 

I have one last example that has to do with blogging. As most of you know, I am now doing a series called Trendy Talks. It has been so much fun learning new things about other bloggers and being able to connect with new people. Along with this, I have to reach out to a lot of people who I have never talked to or I don’t know. I have reached out to really big bloggers and really small bloggers. And you know what? Most people have been happy that I contacted them and agree to do an interview. I have had one or two big bloggers decline because they have a ton already on their plate, but I am completely okay with that. Then you have a few other bloggers who don’t even take the time to reply. Can I just say that nothing makes me lose respect for a person like them not even taking 5 seconds to reply to an email. So even if you take one thing from this post, just remember to always reply to people who contact you!

Anyways, mini rant over. Just remember to ask, because you might just be shocked by the reply you get! 

What situations have you had to speak up in? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett