5 Steps To A Better Blog

Hey guys! Today Cassandra from The Frillish is doing a fun guest post that will be very beneficial to all bloggers!

Hi all! My name is Cassandra of TheFrillish.com, and I am so excited that Scarlett has taken me on for a guest post. Being a newer blogger, I am constantly researching other blogs and content to get inspiration. I found that there is a HUGE redundancy in the blogger sphere which has made me want to structure my posts more uniquely and playful.

With that being said I have conducted 5 steps on how to keep a blog fun, engaging and fresh to readers. Remember: I am also your reader! So here are a few things to keep in mind, if you don’t do this already:

1. PHOTOS: I try to keep my photo content a little funky, like make a silly face here and there or pick a snapshot that’s more candid than posed. I also appreciate other bloggers who do different poses in their pictures- it keeps their page exciting!

[Here are some cute snaps that I love from Rue de Tres Chic]
[These are a few {silly&awkward} examples from my own posts]

2. CONTENT: There are many bloggers who do a sufficient job of this. But just to reinforce the subject, keep true to your voice girl! I have come across a few blogs where they all sound and look the same. It is so important to stick with your originality, all the while being innovative. I always try to use some sarcasm or humor in my posts, because it’s something I would like to read.

*Also note: Your blog is your own online diary in a way, so there’s no shame in getting personal or showing some vulnerability. I started a weekly post for myself called “From the Journal” where I post something from my personal {written} diary each week and it actually got bunches of positive feedback. Dig deep!

3. ATTITUDE: The attitude on your blog is crucial. The overall vibe of the website is going to determine your audience, so you want to make sure it’s showcasing exactly what you want to be displayed. I try to show my blog as silly, quirky, and fun- pretty much the epitome of me.

[See what I mean?]

4. INNOVATION: I use this term loosely, as you can be innovative with many different things on your site; styling, branding, collaborations, content- just to name a few. I think your very own, Scarlett of TheTrendyChick, does an excellent job of this as she focuses on community when creating posts. She finds and allows other bloggers (like me) to be featured on her blog as a sense of relationship building. I think it’s brilliant and I haven’t seen it anywhere else, yet.

5. INTEGRATION: I believe it is soooo important to integrate different channels of social media into your blog! I absolutely love getting on a blogger’s website to find they post videos or tutorials. It honestly doesn’t matter what it is, I love clicking a video! I try to intertwine my travels (lifestyle posts) with a short video to show my experience. I found that when you integrate different channels you get a lot more hits.

Here’s the mini clip I uploaded from my trip to NYC a little while ago. I edited this on iMovie- it’s super easy but not the best quality- but hey, I’m no professional so I really don’t care.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what y’all think!
xo TheFrillish.com


Thank you, Cassandra, for writing this post! I agree with her about there being a lot of redundancy in the blogging world, so I am always trying new things to help me stand out. I loved reading through all her tips, and I hope you took something away from this post too!

What about this post stood out to you? How do you make your blog stand out? Do you have any tips besides the ones Cassandra shared? Tell us in the comments!
xo, Scarlett