Monday Mash-up

Welcome back to another Monday Mash-up! I have today off, but I am job shadowing this morning so I still have a lot to do! This past week was pretty good because it finally is warm where I live! Unfortunately, this week there was a depressing atmosphere in my school because a teacher died unexpectedly. I don’t want to share too much about it, but just keep everyone at my school and especially the family of the teacher in your thoughts and prayers! When you go to a smaller school like I do, almost everyone is impacted by something like that.
  This past weekend I got to see all three of my grandparents, so that was nice too. And of course Easter was great! Oh, and I finally updated my phone to iOS 7 on Friday night… I know crazy Friday night lol! I am kinda lazy when it comes to updating things, and I don’t really like change, so it took me months to finally update. And the only reason I updated it was because FaceTime didn’t work unless I did. Boo.


How cute are these pictures?!  


Love this outfit!


I saw this video going around, so I finally watched it and was amazed at how good they actually were! 

 Flamingo socks 

These flamingo socks are the cutest socks ever!


Checkout this heartwarming story about Edgar, who was found in a garbage can.


 And just by watching this video, you can help dogs!

I just realized I included a lot to do with dogs this week… but I am sure a lot of you are dog lovers so you won’t mind! 

Have an amazing Monday and a fabulous week!

xo, Scarlett