A Fun Spring Activity

 I live in a town that is pretty average sized… bigger than all the towns around it but it’s far from a big city. Sometimes it is difficult to plan things with friends so in the past few years I have had to get creative. Sure, there is a mall, a few movie theaters, bowling, and mini golf, but you can only do that sort of activity so many times before it gets boring.

Last year my friend and I started to go to plays/musicals together, and
it turned out to be so much fun! We started by just going to plays at
our school, but we soon branched out and went to ones at nearby schools.This year we decided to keep the tradition going since spring is the time when all the schools seem to do there productions. They are fun to go to because I generally know at least one person in the play, but even if I don’t it is still fun to go with friends. It is also great because they generally are pretty cheap.  



I highly recommend looking into when local middle schools and high schools are doing productions. If you live near community colleges or larger universities like I do, there are even more opportunities. It is amazing what you can find to do when you actually put a little effort in and look around! 

And just in case you are like me and always looking for new things to do when you get bored of doing the same thing every weekend, I made a list of things I like doing with my friends that aren’t necessarily your typical choices. 

Ice cream #eat #icecream #beach 


  1. Go garage “saleing.” Many neighborhoods in my town have a day where lots of people in that neighborhood have garage sales on the same day. It makes it super easy to find lots of them in one place, and you are bound to find a new book or nightstand at one! 
  2. Have a random acts of kindness day. Get together with a few friends and do stuff for other people! Leaving coins taped to vending machines, visiting your local animal rescue and playing with the animals, holding the door open for someone, paying for the person behind you, etc. 
  3. Have a clothing swap with friends. Pretty self explanatory but one person just needs to host and everyone brings clothes they want to get rid of and exchange them with eachother!
  4. Go out for ice cream. On a nice spring night, this is the perfect thing to do. If you already do this a lot (like me… lol guilty!) make it your goal to try something new on the menu every time until you have tried everything. Or if you live in a town where there are lots of different places to choose from, try going to a new place every single week. Sometimes I get into a rut where I will go to Dairy Queen or Culver’s any time I go out with friends for ice cream/custard. But there are at least 3 froyo places near me, a local custard place that is delicious, and so many more!    
  5. Go park hopping. Spring and summer is the perfect time to visit new parks and hike new trails! Try visiting a new one near you every week. Sometimes it takes a while to drive to them, but they are always so pretty and worth the long drive! 

What do you do for fun when you are tired of your usual activities? Tell me in the comments!  

xo, Scarlett