Road trip Essentials


Roadtrip Essentials

Roadtrip Essentials by thetrendychick

With the weather warming up, that means more people will go out and take road trips. I wanted to make a list of road essentials for those of you who plan to go on a road trip in the next few months! Before I explain some of my choices I wanted to say there are two things that I didn’t put on there that are absolutely essential: good friends and good music.

1. Sunglasses- If you are going to be taking a shift driving, you will definitely need a pair.

2. Cross-body bag- When you are on a road trip you probably will be making stops to stretch your legs or see a cool roadside attraction. You don’t want to worry about losing your bag or dragging a big tote along with you, so a cross-body is a perfect choice!

3. Comfortable top- I own a striped top that is so comfortable! I would definitely choose to wear it on a road trip.

4. Comfortable pants- Personally, I don’t like wearing skirts or dresses if I am going to be in a car for a long time because I tend to stretch out or sit in odd positions… am I the only one?! lol! Simple jeans or black leggings would be great options.

5. Comfortable shoes- You probably should leave the heels at home and stick with a pair of sneakers or sandals!

6. A good book- I chose Paper Towns for this one because in it a few of them take a road trip. Plus I love this book!

7. Hand Sanitizer- It is a great idea to keep one or two of these on you because sometimes those gas station bathrooms that you might be forced to use can be a little sketchy!

8. Snacks- I always like snacking on a road trip, so bring along a few of your favorites! Some fruit, a few cookies, and don’t forget something yummy to drink!

9. Blanket- You can use this if you get cold ( I always get cold because the AC will be too high but other people don’t agree!) or as a pillow if you need a quick nap. Also, if you leave stuff in your car when you get out that you are worried might get stolen (aka a laptop on the seat) just put a blanket on top and anyone who walks by and looks in your window won’t be tempted to steal it!

10. Deck of cards- I love playing cards in airports or in cars with friends to pass the time! Think of a few games before you even begin the trip so you are prepared.

What are your road trip essentials? Where are you planning on taking a road trip to? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett