Monday Mash-up

Hey guys! Welcome back to another Monday Mash-up! This week I am so jealous of everyone who has gone to exotic locations recently while I stay in my boring town… at least I have some friends who are staying home too so I can hangout with them!

1. First off, can we talk about how inspiring this video from HelloKaty was?!

2. If you don’t follow Gracey, Sloane, and Caroline, then what are you doing with your life?! They have all been on vacations recently and their pictures have been perfect! 




3. This quote. I made it the lock screen on my phone so every time I use my phone I am inspired!

Motivation stop wishing and start doing! 

4. These shoes are perfect for spring! 

{ gold sandals } 

Now for a few random things:

I have been narrowing down colleges recently and have narrowed it down to about 5 possible schools. Now I just need to visit them and see if any feel right! These next few months are going to be interesting! 

I am also on spring break this week which is exciting! I am taking some time to relax but I will still be productive!

Well that is about it… share in the comments if you have any suggestions about questions to ask colleges or anything really! 

xo, Scarlett