Classics For Your Closet!

In the past few weeks I have slowly been going through my closet getting rid of things that I won’t wear anymore and making a list of things I need to buy. I made a list of things I feel are basics that every woman should own. Now of course, depending on where you live or what job you have, it might be slightly different. Such as I didn’t include any jackets except for a jean jacket because depending on where you live you might need a raincoat, a light jacket, a North Face, a peacoat, a heavy winter jacket, etc. And chances are, if you need any of those jackets where you live, you already own them! I also didn’t include any workout clothes or shoes or lounge clothes/ pajamas since that would be a whole separate list!


Lastly, here are a few personal essentials that didn’t make the list because they might not be essentials for everyone but there are for me!

  • pearl studs
  • pearl necklace
  • denim vest
  • a sequin piece
  • a cross body bag 
  • an animal print piece
  • more scarves (since you all know I am addicted to scarves!) 

Did I miss any of your essentials? Share in the comments what you feel are closet essentials!