What I Learned In Spain!

In  my trip to Spain over Christmas Break I experienced a lot of new things and it opened my eyes to different cultures. I learned a lot while I am there, so I thought I would share a few things that I learned!

 enjoy all the small celebrations and bonding sessions cause that how memories are created through those little moments and what not.

This year I am trying to enjoy the little things as well, so even the tiniest details in Spain impressed me! I pretty view, a nice person, a cute dog, I enjoyed it all!

Be patient– there were so many times when I just wanted to move faster or do something differently, but I had to practice patience and just sit back  and relax at times!
Be flexible– it took us about 3 days to travel back because things got delayed and we were stuck about 2 hours from our hometown when we couldn’t get picked up from the airport until the next morning. By then I just wanted to be home in my own bed, but I had to try my best to be flexible!
Be old-school– I didn’t take a computer or a phone because I wasn’t sure if I would even have WiFi. It turned out to be so freeing not to have to worry about checking my phone or catching up on something I missed. And guess what I did in my free time? I took hikes, played cards with friends, cooked, read a few books, and just relaxed. I highly recommend unplugging for even a day in your own home. I plan on doing it at least once a month from now on, but it was even better on this trip because I didn’t have any school responsibilities to worry about!

Gotta have faith - Crinkled Crown

Have faith– There were days where I got discouraged because people kept turning us away or the weather was gross. Through it all I learned that I just had to trust that is was all in God’s plan and have faith that it would get better.

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The final and most important thing I learned was to take every chance you get. Life is full of chances and experiences, sometimes you just have to be willing to look a little and say yes! 

xo, Scarlett