Wishpot Wishlists

With my birthday and Christmas coming up, I wanted an easy way to organize all I wanted. When I discovered Wishpot, I knew it was going to work! 


If any of you plan on making a list that you will need to email anyone, I highly recommend Wishpot! It is super easy to create an account, and from there you can search online to find exactly what you are looking for, then just click the “add to Wishpot” button in your task bar. 

How it works 

You can also rank each item, depending on how much you want it. It also includes picture, price, and description to make it super easy for people to buy exactly what you want!

I know this was a super short post, but this website really helped me this year, so hopefully it will help one of you too! And no, this post is NOT sponsored… I really did just stumble across it and immediately saw potential! 

How do you share your wishlists with family? Tell me in the comments!