How to create a Pin-worthy Picture

I can proudly proclaim that I pinned my Agenda Organization picture on Pinterest a few days after I published the post. I normally get about 3-5 repins on a given picture, sometimes more, sometimes less. So when I got a few on that picture, it wasn’t a big deal. Then, a few days later when I got on Pinterest 25 people had repinned it! I don’t think I have ever gotten more than 15-20 repins before, so to have that many people in just a few short days was amazing to me! Now some of you might get that many all the time, but for a person who has less than 300 followers, it is a little more difficult! Currently it has over 50 repins, and is getting more every day! The reason behind this? I don’t exactly know, but I am going to share my best bet!

Agenda Organization

I went the extra mile- When I was writing the post, I decided to edit one of the pictures of my agenda and add in the title of the post. Not a big deal to some, but I don’t always edit my pictures so taking a little extra time to make it more appealing definitely paid off!

I pinned it myself- I have seen so many people who just wait around for other people to repin their pin. No! That is not how you get it out there! You have to put in a little work yourself and repin your own images in addition!

Luck-Now I am going it admit it, Pinterest is kind of just a luck website. Sometimes you get lucky and the right person repins your pin and then a couple dozen more people see it from that repin and repin it themselves.

Share it- Consider tweeting the link to your pin or the original posts a few different times, even if it has been awhile since it has been published. As long as the content is still relevant, you can share things from your archive!

Also, keep in mind that I have pinned dozens of pictures from my blog before, and most don’t get this attention. Do not expect to get 50 repins on your first pin from your blog!

Tell me if you do any of these, or what you do to make your pictures more appealing in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett