Easy and Affordable Acts of Kindness

Today I want to share a few ways you can spread kindness this holiday season without breaking the bank. I would love to buy someone’s drink in line behind me at Starbucks every day, but let’s face it, I don’t have the money to go to Starbucks everyday to buy myself a drink, let alone the order behind me!


Blogging Ways:

  • Spread the love on twitter- If you really like a post someone wrote, tweet about it! If you see a blog design on someone’s blog that you think looks  amazing, why not tweet them and let them know? 
  • Email bloggers and companies you have worked with over the past year and thank them again. It means so much to me when someone I worked with in the past emails me, even if it is just to say hello! 
  • Recommend a friend- Did you see someone who is looking for a specific service? If you have a friend who offers that service, help connect the two! Both people will be very grateful and it only takes a few seconds to connect people! 
  • Do a blogger spotlight on your blog- If you have a fellow blogger that you would like to be on your blog, why not invite them now? 

Out and About Ways: 

  • Pay for the person behind you- Now I know at the top I said I don’t always do this, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it once a month or even just once a year! An extra few dollars might not matter much to you, but it will bless the person you are helping! 
  • Pay for the table next to you at a restaurant- Now I haven’t personally done this one yet, but I really want to! I read a story recently of someone who overheard the person at the table next to them begin to cry while telling the person they were eating with that they just got diagnosed with something. The person who overheard this decided he would pay for their dinner and bless them even though they had a rough day. 
  • Leave gift cards- I also saw this somewhere that someone left a few giftcards scattered in books at a bookstore so that whoever was debating whether to buy the book or not could go ahead and use the giftcard to buy it. The coolest part was that they left the cards in meaningful books that would really bless people such as parenting books, Bibles, or other books that people don’t just buy for fun. 
  • Leave dollar bills at the dollar store- I think this idea is so cute! Leave a dollar bill behind a toy so when a kid is begging the parent for it, but the parent can’t afford to buy the toy, the kid will find the dollar bill and be able to buy it. 
  • Tape money to a vending machine-   This one is pretty common, but it still is a great idea I think! Why not leave a little change behind for the person behind you? 

 Different Charities:

I am going to spotlight different charity every Saturday in December! Just share a little bit about them and why they are important to help! I am going to pick a charity for

  • Week 1: Reece’s Rainbow
  • Week 2: Local Animal Shelters
  • Week 3: Angel House
  • Week 4: Compassion International

Giving Time:

  • Go volunteer at your local animal shelter- I can guarantee a local rescue or shelter could use your help during this time of the year to walk the dogs or play with the cats!
  • Buy coffee for a friend- Spend a little time catching up with one of your friends over a cup of coffee.
  • Volunteer to rake someone’s leaves or shovel snow for a neighbor.

What is your favorite way to spread kindness? Tell me in the comments below!

 xo, Scarlett