Committing to Commenting + Linkup

The past few months I have barely commented on any blogs, and I have noticed I haven’t gotten as many comments on mine either. I know personally I have barely found time to blog, let alone find time to leave meaningful comments on others blogs. Also, personally I would rather get no comments then a comment like “Nice post. Checkout my blog.” *insert link here* So if I don’t have time to leave a meaningful comment, I am not going to leave any at all.

Since I have the week off this week, and I am not super busy, I decided I would challenge myself to comment on more blogs. Say 10 different blogs every day for 7 days. Simple enough right? I know how excited I get when I get a comment on my blog, so if I can spread that excitement to 70 other people it will be awesome!

I also decided this post would be a good post to host my first linkup! I invite you to leave your links if you are going to participate in this challenge too! Just challenge yourself to comment on even 4 or 5 blogs everyday if you don’t want to do too many! Then join the linkup so others can come visit and maybe even comment on yours! It is a great way to find new blogs to connect with! 


This is just one of the ways I am giving back this season! I invite you to join me in Committing to Commenting. Just leave me a comment telling me what you have committed to for this week or sometime soon so I can hear others goals! I love knowing that other people have gotten involved!

xo, Scarlett