Black Friday Survival Kit 2013

 Today I decided to create a survival kit for Black Friday. If you decide to go out shopping, here are nine things I think you need!

Black Friday Survival Kit

Black Friday Survival Kit by thetrendychick


1. Water– It is always important to stay hydrated, and Black Friday is no exception! I love this monogrammed one so you can stay hydrated while staying cute!
2. Lip Balm– This is one of my favorite lip balms, but any will do. I am constantly needing to apply lip balm in the winter, so I would hate not to have any while shopping!
3. Phone and a durable phone case– You will obviously want to have your phone to keep track of good deals and google anything you need to know. A durable phone case is always a good thing, but especially on Black Friday when people bump into you and you are in a rush so it is very easy for it to accidentally slip out of your hands.
4. Comfy shoes– Personally I love my moccasins, but whatever shoes you like the best will be the best!
5. A cute yet comfortable outfit– Just wear what you will be most comfortable shopping in. Layers might be a good idea in case you get hot while running around to find the deals!
6. To Buy List– Write down everything you want and where you plan to get it to help you stay on track. It is also a good idea to write down prices!
7. Hair ties– The last thing you want when you are shopping is your hair in your face. Having a hair tie can save the day!
8. Food-I know in the picture it says lunch, but I never actually bring a full meal. But if you get hungry while standing in line it is great to have a snack or two in your bag.
9. Gum– If you need something to chew on or just want to feel refreshed, a piece of mint gum is a great idea!
BONUS: Cross-body bag– It is a great idea to wear a cross-body bag so you won’t need to worry about someone stealing your purse or leaving it behind somewhere. Plus your hands are free to search through all the deals that way!

What do you take with you when you go Black Friday shopping? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett