Longchamp For Less!

Recently I have been wanting a Longchamp bag… but since there were a lot of different options and they are fairly expensive, I have been holding back. 

But then I was on Etsy and I found some bags that looked almost identical to Longchamp bags! Plus these ones are all around $30 and can be monogrammed. Even if they don’t last quite as long as Longchamp, you can buy like 4 of these for the price of one Longchamp!

Monogrammed/Personalized Tan & Brown Champ Tote Bag 

It is like a monogrammed Longchamp! How perfect! And only $36? Buy it here!

Monogrammed/Personalized Pink & Navy Large Champ Tote Bag 

The same shop has a pink and navy one too… how cute is this?! 

Monogrammed Large Champ Tote 

I found this option, which can be monogrammed as well. I really love the tan and navy together for some reason! 

Monogrammed Large Black Tote with Zipper Personalized 

Lastly I think this teal option is really cute as well! Definitely a good spring or summer bag! 

Do you own a Longchamp? Which of these do you like best?  Tell me in the comments!