Easy Curls: ThursDIY

 Today marks the beginning of a new series on The Trendy Chick! I am calling it ThursDIY, and it obviously means every Thursday I am doing a DIY post. You can expect to see one every Thursday in June, and I might extend it into July if it goes well! 


 A few weeks ago I was bored and decided to try curling my hair a new way. I normally don’t curl my hair because it takes close to 30 minutes to get it all done. But since I had a lot of time,  I didn’t really care.

 This is what my hair looked like before I began the process. I think it was second day hair, but all I did was brush it out and add a little curling product. As you can see my hair is naturally REALLY straight, so that is why I don’t curl it very often. Even if I spend a while doing it, within a few hours it is almost all out. Very frustrating when I want curls, but most days I am happy to get out of bed and just run a brush though my hair and be done with that part of getting ready!

 Anyways, so first I put it up in a high ponytail. Next time I try this, I am going to make it not quite as high, but it still turned out well!

 I used a Revlon 1 inch curling iron, but just wrapped my hair around it like it was a wand. This half curled look is just so cute, huh?! This should be a new trend 😉

I continued until I had curled all my hair. It only took about 10 minutes total, and I wrapped each piece around for 10-15 seconds depending on how thick it was! I really don’t like how it looks in the ponytail curled, but it gets better.

How it looked when I first took it out. Pretty good except for that one section… I’m sure you can tell what I am talking about! 

 I really liked how it looked from the front!


Once I fixed a few pieces, here is the finished look! I personally love the way it turned out and it did stay like this for a few hours. Even once it began to fall it still looked good, just more wavy instead of curls! 

Have you ever curled your hair this way? How do you curl your hair? Do you have a product you always use? Tell me in the comments!