5 Ways I Organize My Editorial Calendar

Over the past few months, I have gotten multiple requests to talk about how I do my editorial calendar. While I would love to say I never waste time and am productive every day, that is obviously not the case. Today I am just going to talk about how I organize my calendar for blogging. I have tried multiple different ways over the years, but I find this works the best for me personally!

 1. Write down all ideas in the note book. 
I do this all the time, and I always have this notebook near me. I also use the notes section on my phone if I get an idea while I am out. 
2. Write down idea on small post it note.
Once I have an idea that I think I am going to use, I write it and a few details down on a small post it note. 
3. Find a day to put the post it note on.   

As you can see in this picture, I arrange my post-it notes so that 3 nail tutorials aren’t in a row, or we aren’t doing recipes multiple times a week either. I love that I can rearrange it easily by just moving the post-it note! Also, as most of you may know, I don’t post on certain days of the week or on a set schedule. I just know that would take some of the fun out of it, and I couldn’t stick with it for too long. But I do try to post 2-3 posts a week, sometimes 4-5!

4. Write reminders on calendar. 

Once I am pretty sure I am going to post it on a certain day, I think of things I have to do before I postit. Do I have to do my nails a few days before? Do I need to contact anyone before I postit? Am I going to have enough time to write it and proof it before that day? 

5. Re-edit it. 

A day or two before it is scheduled to post, I try to read through it one last time. To remind myself to do this, I write it down in my calendar. Sometimes I skip this step if I am too busy, but I try to always edit it multiple times. Nothing says unprofessional like misspellings and typos! 

Do you have an editorial calendar for your blog? How do you keep up with it? Share your tips in the comments!