DIY T-Shirt Tutorial!

Today I am going to show you guys how I turned this oversize shirt into a cute workout shirt! I was cleaning out my closet and found this ginormous shirt in the back, and decided to try a little DIY! Please excuse any pictures that aren’t the best quality, because I was going to take them outside, but then is started snowing… awkward. So a blank wall had to do! Also, I had to crouch in most of the pictures to get in the frame for the set up I had to do, sorry!

As you can see, it was WAY to big on me!

 First turn the shirt inside out and cut in on the sides to add a little feminine shape to it.

 Do it to both sides!

 Then cut little strips on the sides and tie them together. I ended up double tying each one.

 Closet look at how I cut the sides before I tied them.

After I finished tying both sides! Took awhile to do it all, but I was watching a movie while doing it so it really wasn’t bad!

 As you can see, the sleeves needed some work as well!

 I began by just cutting them off by the sleeve…

 But then there was a HUGE awkward gap. Also somewhere in between I ended up cutting off the collar, which a cut off just under the original seem if that makes sense?

 So I cut and tied a little higher where the original sleeve used to be, so it was still open a little!

 Still a little too big…

So I cut a little more off the shoulder, but you can’t really tell from this picture! Also… my other hand is pretty awkward in this picture. LOL!

 In case you were wondering what the shirt actually said here is a closer look!

 peace… lol by the end I got pretty weird in some of the pictures so this one is actually pretty normal!

Hope this tutorial gave you an idea on how to DIY any oversized shirt that might come into your possession anytime soon.